Kailani Bayot

"This journey changed my outlook on myself, my life and my food. I'm a girl who likes me some In-n-out. I eat to my cravings. I eat salty then want sweet. Its a vicious cycle. I was a slave to my cravings and paid for it with mood and energy swings. I learned so much from Erika Elizondo about my habits and what causes them, the food industry and why its so important to eat organic and non-gmo. She provides the knowledge and tools to help you make the change. She teaches you how to read labels and what they really mean, how to gradually change the way you eat to the better and how to have fun doing it. It becomes an art. I love her 80/20 philosophy. If you eat clean for 80% you can have a little wiggle room for parties and eating out which helps you stick to it. It also allows you to feel the effects of the bad stuff. My eating habits are forever changed for the better. I now have the knowledge and tools to keep it going and I intend to. I also intend to do the 40 day cleanse once a year and share it with as many people as I can. Thank you Erika I love you and what you do!!! <3"



Melinda Alexander

"Erika's cleanse changed my life. Not only did it cleanse my body on a deeper level than I can explain, and taught me SO much about what real foods look like and how they serve us, but it made me so damn proud of myself. To be a sugar and coffee addict and commit to myself and my health in such a profound way--to have NEITHER--for 40 DAYS!--felt extreme but liberating. I didn't use any of my usual crutches to get through the tough times--alcohol, sugar, carbs, coffee. And when I finished that 40 days not only did I feel like a million bucks, I was more proud of myself than I've ever been. A year later I don't look at food, or myself, the same. I'm getting all my friends, family, and followers to join this year! The community is also what makes it do-able--the sharing, the recipes, the laughs, the complaints. Do it--It will set you FREE."


Arianna Gouveia

"Erika's cleanses are always an informative and enlightening journey of self discovery, emotional and physical decongestion, and a beautiful celebration of aliveness in a supportive and resourceful online community with people who are committed to being a better version of themselves. The eloquent guidance that Erika gives to each and every participant individually as well as in the group context is full of wisdom, grace and love ️ Definitely a life changing experience that will leave you feeling better in your body than when you started!"