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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to buy a bunch of supplements?  I suggest three particular supplements at non-toxic dosages and have no financial ties or agreements with any specific brand.  The core dietary guidelines of the 40 Day Healing Journey are to completely eliminate refined sugar, refined flour and alcohol for 40 consecutive days.  That alone will revolutionize your health.  The supplements I suggest are optional but highly encouraged.  If you have any health concerns, please consult your physician before beginning this or any nutritional program. 

Do I have to buy the products from you? The short answer is "no." The longer answer is that all of the herbs and supplements I recommend are products you can purchase at a nearby health food store or online. ALL of my recommendations are optional and are meant to maximize your healing experience. If you can't afford them or have been advised against them by your healthcare provider, then by all means, just stick to the diet plan! I have specific brands I personally love and use, and I will offer a link for you to purchase them online if you wish!

Can I continue taking my usual herbs or supplements during the program? Do not start or stop taking any medications or supplements for any medical conditions without first consulting your primary healthcare provider. But generally speaking, you can take any supportive supplements you typically do while on this cleanse. We focus mainly on a whole food, mainly organic diet and herbs and supplements are only a minor component of the journey. I personally take fish oil, a variety of vitamins and minerals, chasteberry extract, and high dose probiotics on and off the cleanse. 

I'm breastfeeding or pregnant, is this cleanse safe for me and my baby? Unless contraindicated by your healthcare provider, absolutely! If anything, you will be improving your baby's health while improving your own! The herbs and supplements I recommend are at a gentle, non-toxic dose, and all are considered safe while breastfeeding. But reach out to your midwife or healthcare provider to confirm it is safe for YOU! If you are pregnant, double check with your healthcare provider. Speaking from personal experience, I was in my first trimester during one cleanse I facilitated,. And during two others, I was nursing. My little one is strong as can be! The only feedback I've ever gotten was one mother who said her baby didn't seem to like the taste of her breastmilk after the Anti-Parasite potion (which includes raw garlic). So you can try it with and without the garlic and see how your baby responds! DISCLAIMER: Always check with your primary healthcare provider for the go ahead before incorporating any new supplements into your daily regimen and to determine whether this program is right for you. My insight is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of medical advice. 

Is this a vegan cleanse? Although an increased intake of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables is highly encouraged, participants are free to eat according to their preferences whether vegan, carnivore, or anything in between.  By the end of your journey you will be a bonafide qualitarian – someone who chooses good, real, clean, high quality food as his/her personal norm.

Is this cleanse only for women? Absolutely not! But for some reason, I attract them like crazy. Ha! Besides my husband who faithfully joins me each time, it's typically more women than men that join. But every cycle, I'm excited about the ones who do jump in! I've had a 100% success rate with happy male cleansers. :)

Do I have to count calories or fat? No.  Who has time for all of that? This is a real food diet.  It is a journey back to nourishment as Nature intended.  This is a lifestyle overhaul program that will teach you how to make the highest quality choices for you and your family.  Rather than being restrictive and unfeasible in the long run, it is a sustainable way of life and you will take many of these eating principles with you once our 40 days together come to an end.  

Do I have to commit for 40 days? Healing is a dynamic and deeply personal, never-ending journey. Committing to 40 days of conscious choice-making is incredibly empowering.  But you are free to tailor and customize your journey according to your unique goals. These 40 days are experienced in community with so many others deepening their commitment to self love, awareness and self care.  So take advantage of this opportunity!  If you feel you can only commit to a shorter time frame, the daily guidance and online group forum will still be there for you.  And you get to keep all of the information in the form of an ebook. So you can continue to acquire tools even if you feel unable or unwilling to go 40 complete days without refined sugar, refined flour or alcohol. This is a journey that stretches beyond nourishment on the physical level.  It will also nourish you mentally and spiritually.

Is there a price difference if I commit to fewer days? The price does not change, as the 40 days are set up to provide you with as much or as little support as you need according to your unique goals.  You will have access to all of the information throughout our time together and will get to keep a downloadable ebook with all of your Daily Guidance. The Facebook private group will also be open for six months.  So your level of commitment is up to you.  The deeper you plunge, the more disciplined you effortlessly become.  There will be highs and lows, but our shared community will sustain you.

Is it expensive to follow the 40 Day protocol? I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘expensive’, but rather, a reallocation of funds.  If you drink a $4 specialty coffee with a $3 bagel as a quick breakfast, you may end up redirecting those $7 towards an organic, freshly pressed juice at a local juice bar.  Or the $30 you spend at happy hour once a week may go towards a bottle of olive leaf extract – which is good for the entire cleanse.  Shopping at farmers markets and buying in bulk definitely helps bring costs down. As does meal planning and reinventing leftovers! But ultimately you are investing in your health.  And you are worth being fueled with the utmost quality and care.  There’s only one you!

How do I get started? Once you make your contribution, you will receive a confirmation receipt. The week before our journey begins, you will receive your password for the members only site.  There you will find your shopping list, some meal suggestions, and other information to get you started with confidence.  You will be able to download the ebook which contains all of the contents of the program on Day 1, which is July 9, 2018. You will also be added to our secret group page on Facebook where you will be in the company of your cleansing community.

If I have a spouse or close friend I am participating with, do we have to pay individually? Yes. I developed this program to go far beyond cleansing for physical health benefits.  It is a holistic program aiming to help each individual participant reach a greater sense of wellbeing and self-care – mind, body and soul. I've also made it affordable. I dedicate my life and my earnings to staying current in regards to food politics and the latest scientific findings regarding nutrition and the environment.  And I bring this information to you in an intensive, yet digestible way.  The ebook, which contains all of your program content, is encrypted to only be viewed on your device. Truly the best part of this cleanse is the group component.  This community interaction is what builds us up individually.  And only paid participants are added to the secret FB group.  It is also important to create trust amongst the cleansers and to keep our shared journey confidential.