"To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." -Buddha


Hi there! My name is Erika Elizondo and I am a certified Holistic Health Coach.  I developed the original 40 Day Healing Journey in 2010, after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – an autoimmune disease.  I always thought I was “healthy” and exempt from any dire prognoses.  After all, I ate low-fat foods, often organic, and indulged in pasta and bagels on the regular because they are fat free!  Whoops.  As disappointing as my diagnosis was, I am grateful I had the opportunity to wake up and smell the Frankenfoods. As Hippocrates says, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”


My blood work was so off the charts at that time, I was sentenced to life on meds by all of the specialists I went to see.  Being the defiant creature that I am, I refused to follow the allopathic route and threw myself into learning everything I could about the disease and what in the world could have caused it.  I discovered that a congested liver is the root of all illness and I made it my mission to clean it up.  A tough thing to do, since I am quite the hedonist.  No sugar? No alcohol? Whaaat?!  I knew my liver was crying out for a break from these things and I didn’t trust myself to do it alone.  So I enlisted about 70 friends as my guinea pigs and developed the 40 Day Healing Journey as we went along.  Four months later, I completely reversed my blood work back to normal without medication.  And so many of my friends who joined me reported alleviating or completely eliminating chronic conditions.  It was amazing! Since then, I have led hundreds of people through this healing journey, and I do hope you will join us for the ninth cycle of this magical experience.  Thanks for stopping by!