The 40 Day Healing Journey


Moderated By: Erika Elizondo, H.H.C.



Are you ready for a real, fundamental shift in the way you show up for your life?  Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the contradicting information on what diet principles you should follow? Are you concerned about the impacts of your lifestyle choices on yourself and on the planet, but don't know where to begin? Then this journey is for you! Join me, certified Holistic Health Coach and IIN graduate, Erika Elizondo for the original, annual 40 Day Healing Journey (dates TBD). Experience what hundreds of past participants are talking about: radical healing, a crash course education and thorough understanding of optimal nutrition, and renewed energy and vigor all within the context of a supportive online community. Get to know the magic of who you are and give your body and soul what it's been craving! This group cleanse focuses on detoxing the liver and the entire body of nutritional, environmental, and emotional poisons, consequently renewing your health and empowering you with knowledge and habits to last a lifetime!


During these 40 days together you will learn:


  • the importance of sustaining a healthy liver. Being the largest internal organ and second in complexity only to the brain, the liver has over 500 known functions and works harder than any other organ in your body. It deserves your loving energy and a break! ;)
  • how to read labels
  • how to choose hair and body care products and what toxins/chemicals to look out for.
  • how to spot genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and why it is fundamental to avoid them.
  • what foods nourish the liver
  • organic vs conventional foods and knowing when you MUST choose organic and when you can choose conventional if organic is not an option.
  • herbs that rebuild and strengthen the liver
  • how to eliminate parasites and other dangerous pathogens through herbs and nutrition
  • nutrient and flavor dense meal suggestions to keep you happy and satisfied throughout the Cleanse and beyond!
  • easy and delicious recipes from me as well as from the collective community partaking in this journey
  • what oils to use for cooking and which ones to steer clear of
  •  how to avoid refined sugar in all of its disguises
  • resources for consuming the highest quality foods on a budget
  • ...and so much more!!


Read below for some testimonials from previous cleansers:


“What a blessing you are! This cleanse has really changed my life! Seriously! In so many ways! Thank u! I feel like now I have a clearer picture of what I want to do with my life. I’ve been searching for something… a way to give back. …I guess what I'm trying to say is that for a while I’ve been living in a dream state. Dreaming that life should be better but the answer of how was never revealed until this cleanse woke me up. It’s like someone finally threw a cold bucket of water on me and I’m now wide-awake.” –C.C.


"Erika's cleanse changed my life. Not only did it cleanse my body on a deeper level than I can explain, and taught me SO much about what real foods look like and how they serve us, but it made me so damn proud of myself. To be a sugar and coffee addict and commit to myself and my health in such a profound way--to have NEITHER--for 40 DAYS!--felt extreme but liberating. I didn't use any of my usual crutches to get through the tough times--alcohol, sugar, carbs, coffee. And when I finished that 40 days not only did I feel like a million bucks, I was more proud of myself than I've ever been. A year later I don't look at food, or myself, the same. I'm getting all my friends, family, and followers to join this year! The community is also what makes it do-able--the sharing, the recipes, the laughs, the complaints. Do it--It will set you FREE." -Melinda Alexander


“I wanted to say thank you for an amazing, life changing 40 days. I feel better, look better( I lost 18 pounds) and most importantly am transformed mentally…In the last 40 days: my skin is clearer, my eyes look brighter (according to a friend,) I already mentioned the weight loss, not a single headache (minus the first 4 days, from coming off the sugar), IBS gone, GERD gone. The best thing, I have to take tamoxifen (it kicks you into early menopause) for 5 years for the estrogen positive breast cancer. One of the awful side effects is hot flashes. My side effects form the tamoxifen, including the hot flashes were almost nonexistent!!!! Thank you so much for your wisdom, encouragement, and love of humanity. These 40 days are truly monumental. They not only help transform your body and health, but transform your soul.” –K.H