“Create an act of power and forgive yourself for everything you have done in your whole life.”

-Don Miguel Ruiz

Good morning, Beautiful Cleansers!  


As the layers of normalized patterns and addictive behaviors continue to peel away, you may be confronted with painful memories or revelations that you were not expecting. These oftentimes unwelcome discoveries have been waiting for you to find them; to transform them.  Sometimes when you are ready to "clean house" and you welcome God, or the Universe, or whatever you call that Great Force in, you anticipate a calming effect. A surrender into peace and immediate simplicity.  Although peace is certainly the promise and grand prize for your wholeheartedness, cleaning house can actually be quite violent. Have you ever helped a friend move? Sometimes you have to make executive decisions and toss things when they aren't looking, or make them get rid of things that won't fit in their new place.  And sometimes they just aren't ready to let go. This is what your Higher Self is doing to you. To release sometimes hurts! And as your house becomes cleaner and cleaner, you discover dusty corners of your being that haven't been explored or tended to because you were too busy keeping yourself distracted and just trying to keep your house presentable. Now is the time to go deep. 


We are almost halfway through and it is my sincere prayer that you all are feeling a million times better than you did just 3 weeks ago - even in the uncomfortable moments where your body is acclimating itself to the changes.  Most people would never take this kind of time and dedication to develop a more intimate and natural connection with their own bodies.  You all are truly warriors.  


Don’t underestimate your amazingness.  What you are doing is powerful and will inspire people beyond what you can foresee or will ever really know.  In light of this, I would like to present you with one more challenge.  For the remainder of our time together, find one “imperfection” in yourself that you are going to love back into Wholeness on a daily basis.  As I’ve mentioned before, the liver processes all of the chemical reactions caused by our emotions.  We walk around fragmented, trying to put back or forget about our broken pieces by drinking alcohol or cracking out on sugar, or both.  And then we pass that emotionally charged toxicity onto our liver to process.  What ails us or keeps us in a state of mediocrity in our health and in our lives is oftentimes a direct manifestation of something we haven’t forgiven ourselves for.  Something that, in our eyes, is ugly to look at and has never heard us call it beautiful. How sad is that?  We all have places neglected by our eyes, our gentle touch and our gentle thoughts.  Maybe it’s the stretch marks from fluctuating weight.  Maybe it’s a broken nose or that scar you got doing that thing you keep telling yourself you shouldn’t have been doing.  Or maybe it’s that extra wrinkle in your forehead from being in the wrong relationship longer than you tell yourself you should have been.  We all have visible wounds we try to conceal, even from ourselves.  But remember that the Source of our very creation resides in our body temple.  And it is through this unique, never-before-inhabited-by-anyone-else-but-you body, that you are able to manifest the sacred dreams whispered into your heart.  I invite you to love yourself right in that place that hurts to look at.  It’s yours and part of your life story.  Look at you now!!!  Every turn on your road to Self-love has led you to this place.  And we are here together.  This journey is about complete and utter acceptance of ourselves so as to TRULY experience healing as a state of Being. Look in the mirror and talk to that part in your reflection that you ignore.  Breathe in ALL that you are and ALL that you are becoming.  Talk to your wounds and call each and every one of them beautiful. In order to experience radical healing, we must radically love ourselves.


I wanted to share with you an excerpt from one of my favorite books, The Mastery of Love, by Don Miguel Ruiz.  This is a beautiful metaphor relevant to our journey…..


"You can begin by doing a 'puja' for your body every day.  In India, people perform pujas, or rituals, for the different Gods and Goddesses.  In the puja, they bow to the idol, and they feed the idol with all their love, because these statues represent God.  Every day, you can offer a devotional love to your own body.  When you take a shower, when you take a bath, treat your body with all your love, treat your body with honor, with gratitude, with respect.  When you eat, take a bite, close your eyes, and enjoy the food.  That food is an offering to your own body, to the temple where God lives.  Do this every day, and you will feel your love for your body growing stronger each day, and you will never again reject yourself.


Just imagine how you will feel the day you adore your own body.  When you accept yourself completely, you will feel so good about your own body, and you are going to be so happy.  Then when you relate with someone else, your limit of self-abuse is almost zero.  This is self-love.  This is not personal importance because you treat others with the same love, the same honor, the same respect, and the same gratitude you use with yourself.  Can you see the perfection in a relationship like that?  It's about honoring the God inside each other.


When you make it your goal to create the perfect relationship between you and your body, you are learning to have a perfect relationship with anyone you are with, including your mother, your friends, your lover, your children, your dog.  When you have the perfect relationship between you and your body, in that moment your half of any relationship outside you is completely fulfilled.  You no longer depend upon the success of a relationship from the outside.


When you do a puja with your own body, when you know how to have that devotion for your own body, and you touch your lover's body, you touch it with the same devotion, the same love, the same honor, the same gratitude.  And when your lover touches your body, it's completely open; there is no fear, there is no need - it is full of love.


Imagine all the possibilities in sharing your love this way.  You don't even need to touch.  Just looking into each other's eyes is enough to fulfill the needs of the mind and the needs of the soul.  The body is already satisfied because it has all your love.  You are never lonely anymore, because you are fulfilled with your own love."


Experience the magic of all that You are today!


©Erika Elizondo, H.H.C