“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
- Marcus Garvey

Greetings, Powerful Warriors!


Day 17 and we're already a week into the parasite assassination mission! I hope you have been experiencing release on multiple levels. Expect more unraveling and embrace your personal process! There is still much to learn, but where you are is the most beautiful place. Just show up for your life and you will be led.


Today I would like for you to take some time to read ingredients labels.  Maybe while you are at the store, at the office, or directly from packaged foods in your pantry at home. You will be surprised to see how ubiquitous GMOs really are.  I personally feel a deep sense of mourning for what has been happening in our food supply for over twenty years, when the first GM (genetically modified) crops were introduced to consumers. 


Before this unwelcome introduction, many of us who come from diverse heritages enjoyed and partook in the traditional foods of our ancestors without any need to question their authenticity.  There was a profound sense of connection to our past through this inherited cuisine.  So many cultures (including my own) honor their dead with these sacred foods and even honor gods with special, native delicacies that are now largely genetically modified.   My ancestors believed that we (of Mesoamerican origin) are made of corn and our creation stories speak of humankind being molded from maize. Just as corn grows and dies into the soil, only to be born again, so do we bring forth the knowledge of our ancestors into our current reality.  Monsanto, and other biotech companies such as Syngenta, have robbed our new generation living in this country of this vital ancestral information meant to be absorbed through our nourishment.  This means that the hereditary information intended for the youth of my particular culture being transmitted via corn is virtually LOST.  Thousands of years of wisdom and ancestral dreams LOST and destroyed thanks to Monsanto and friends. Misinformation comes in the form of Coca-Cola, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, and high fructose corn syrup. And the GM corn that makes up over 90% of the corn on the market today, actually contains a whole new allergen not found in natural varieties.  Meaning that the people who were meant to be nourished mind, body and soul through corn as a staple, are now allergic to it. There are about 59 indigenous strains of corn found in Mexico (where corn originates from), and GM corn threatens to contaminate native strains - potentially forcing them into extinction.  Mexico is currently anti-GMO, however there already have been preliminary experimental plantings of GM corn in some of its northern states.  


What other genetic information will they continue to rob the world of through this agricultural sacrilege? GM wheat containing a glyphosate-ready gene is already next in line to be released to consumers. Glyphosate is the ingredient in the Monsanto-produced chemical herbicide, Roundup.  And multiple studies have been conducted linking glyphosate with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, liver and kidney damage, and cancer. Remember that GMOs are artificial organisms created by essentially injecting the incompatible genes of one species into an entirely unrelated species to create a desired effect - leaving the new specimen with no true DNA.  And DNA contains the genetic (hereditary) information necessary for all living things to function, grow, reproduce, and transmit that information forward to new generations coming into being in the right place at the right time.  It’s a very deep issue I take to heart.  But enough about me, let’s talk about YOU and what this means to your health and the health of your loved ones….


Genetically modified organisms are created by biotechnology companies (primarily Monsanto) who are self regulated.  They don’t have to test anything for safety and there is no monitoring of these substances because Michael Taylor, the guy in the FDA who’s supposed to protect us, was at one time Monsanto’s lawyer and at another time its Vice President of Public Policy. Check out his bio here.  Two decades ago, the White House instructed the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to promote biotechnology.  This is when they brought Michael Taylor in to head the whole operation.  He’s worked for the USDA as well.  And he is currently the FDA Food Safety czar. So if we think he has any interest in saving us from the largest human feeding experiment known to (wo)mankind, then clearly, GMOs are also detrimental to brain cells.


It is in the FDAs best interest not to test (since they don’t have to) and to hide every previous scientific finding linking GMOs to a huge host of health concerns from the American consumer.  And in fact, they have.  Thousands of memos stating the FDA scientists’ findings on GMOs were revealed in a lawsuit a few years back.  Every last scientist on that board repeatedly warned of toxins, potential allergens, nutritional problems, and even new diseases.  But because of the dominant presence of Michael Taylor, who is in the position to be able to ignore such warnings and carry on the mission of taking over our entire food supply with biotechnology, we now have these specimens in over 85% of processed foods.  Just a few companies that include the use of GM ingredients are: Aunt Jemima, Bisquick, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Keebler, Campbell’s, Green Giant, Coca-Cola, and so so many more…


GMOs are everywhere.  Like….everywhere.  That cappuccino you enjoyed at the corner café last month?  Unless the milk was organic, you consumed both GM corn and soy - because the vast majority of GM corn and soy is used as feed for livestock.  This is why I’m the weirdo who brings my own grass fed organic milk or homemade nut milk in a jar to restaurants.  “Can you please steam this for me and add it to my shot of espresso? Thanks.”  I also bring my own ketchup.  I went to breakfast with my friend and her kids and I busted out with a little ziplock bag of ketchup.  Her son was like, “You know they have ketchup here.”  I responded, “Yeah, but I don’t eat high fructose corn syrup that punches holes in a human’s gut lining and is made from genetically modified organisms.”  He looked at me like I was crazy.  He’s eight.  It takes a village.


The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) recently released its position in a paper on genetically modified foods stating that "GM foods pose a serious health risk" in the areas of toxicology, allergy and immune function, reproductive health, and metabolic, physiologic and genetic health" and call for a moratorium on GM foods.


What are some potential health risks of ingesting GMOs?


·      most likely side effects: increased disease, infertility and birth defects, as well as damage to the gastrointestinal tract and liver


·      in animal studies, the first ever lifetime feeding study also showed a dramatic increase in organ damage, tumor formation, cancer and reduced lifespan


·      by the third generation, most hamsters fed GM soy could no longer reproduce and if they did, suffered high infant mortality; some even had hairs growing in their mouths.  Strange.


·      Rodents fed GM soy experienced changes in their reproductive organs, including the alteration of young sperm cells


·      Cooked GM soy contains approximately 7 times the amount of a known soy allergen.  (this is what worries me about my vegetarian/vegan friends.  If you eat soy, make absolutely sure it is organic and non-GMO)


·      Can severely damage the intestinal tract.  These organisms have pesticides and insecticides programmed into their composition, blasting our gut lining with concentrated amounts of these chemicals that can actually reproduce!


·      GM soy has been proven to drastically reduce digestive enzymes in mice.  If it has the same effect on humans, then we can potentially become allergic and sensitive to foods that we previously were able to enjoy


·      Rats that were fed GM potatoes (not yet on the market) experienced partial atrophy of the liver and damaged immune systems, as well as precancerous growth in the digestive tract


·      Inflammatory Bowel Disease, colitis, ulcers, and other digestive issues have increased 40% since the introduction of GMO’s


·      The digestive capacity in children has changed in the last 30 years, resulting in children who are allergic to everything and are exhibiting a failure to thrive and other behavioral disorders


·      rBGH (bovine growth hormone) injected into cows to make them fatter and force them into lactation far beyond the natural duration, is linked to hormone-mediated cancers - especially breast cancer


What foods are GM?


Currently commercialized GM crops in the U.S. include soy (94%), cotton (96%), canola (90%), sugar beets (95%), corn (93%), Hawaiian papaya (more than 50%), alfalfa (used mostly for livestock feed domestically and is also exported), zucchini and yellow squash (over 24,000 acres).


What are other sources of GMOs?


Products derived from the above, including oils from CORN, SOY, CANOLA, and COTTONSEED. Soy protein, soy lecithin, cornstarch, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup among others.  Also:


·     non-organic meat, eggs, and dairy products from animals that have eaten GM feed (and the majority of the GM corn and soy is used for feed)


·      dairy products from cows injected with rBGH (a GM hormone)


·      food additives, enzymes, flavorings, and processing agents, including the sweetener aspartame (NutraSweet®) and rennet used to make hard cheeses


·      honey and bee pollen that may have GM sources of pollen.



Here’s the good news:  in both animal and human studies, a significant amount of relief and in some cases, total cessation of symptoms were experienced by people who had GM related health issues and switched to a non-GMO diet.  Vast relief was sometimes experienced in a matter of a few days!


So continue to seek your medicine in Nature and trust that YOU are the most precious seed and you are being led into your most perfect healing.  Keep your eyes open – looking out and looking up.  We are healing!


Have a vibrantly powerful day!!!


©Erika Elizondo, H.H.C