“The wound is where the Light enters you.” - Rumi

I wrote this prayer as it came to me just before we began the very first 40 Day Healing Journey in 2010. I humbly offer it to you as a spiritual tool in your deeper awakening throughout this journey.  I recite it every morning as soon as I open my eyes.  Please reword it as it best resonates with your own personal belief system and practice. Or as an alternative, create some type of morning ritual that will connect you with the pureness of your Spirit. Wishing you a beautiful ride...


Almighty Creator, Divine Healer, Force of ALL that is Good, Love and Light…
Thank you for this new day and this new opportunity to experience radical healing.
Thank you for using me as a miracle and a testament of your greatness. 
Help me to fully surrender into this divine process and to be present to the magic of Your goodness on a moment by moment basis.
Magnetize only healing in my life today. 
Reveal any and all wounds in me according to your will and gently remove them from me.
Transform into Light all that no longer serves me. 
Expand my heart, my health, and my consciousness to experience myself at my Highest Vibration of Radiance, Perfect Health, Beauty, Truth and Divine Vigor. 
Please close every door that needs to be closed, open every door that needs to be opened, and grant me the grace and courage to walk my path with true Power and Authenticity. 
Be gentle in transforming me and alchemizing my body and mind to reflect perfect harmony.
Make me strong where I am weak and cleanse away all negative karma, all fear, all guilt, and all that is falsity from me so that only the purity of who I am remains.  
Help me to grow in patience, discipline, and ever expanding self-love.
Teach me the true meaning of forgiveness and bless all of those embarking upon this journey.
Strengthen our sense of community and collectively maximize our strengths and our talents so that we may bring this great healing with us everywhere we go, thereby healing the state of our beautiful planet.
Thank you for restoring my liver and my entire being to my natural state of perfect Wholeness. 
Show me the way and make Your power known to me today.
Thank you, Divine Wisdom.  And so it is…