I am so, so grateful for this experience! I learned so much about food on a much deeper level, and about myself on a deeper level. Erika has created such a wonderful journey and the support system that goes along with the experience makes it even more amazing. I’ve always strived to eat the best quality foods but still struggled with conflicting information from different sources and Erika lays it all out for you in a way that not only makes sense, but it also attainable. If you feel a call to be part of this, even if it scares you, DO IT. Answer the call. You will be an even more empowered version of yourself after!
— Carlie Casey
Erika is truly a gifted teacher and guide. Her thorough research and gentle approach to cleansing makes the 40 day cleanse a magical experience. This is my second time doing the cleanse and with each time I deepen my understanding of food in relationship to my health and the planet’s health. This is the kind of information and experience that everyone should have access to. Erika will gently educate, open your eyes, and set you on a holistic journey all done with a lovely sense of humor. I plan to do this cleanse again each year.”
— Karyn Shipley, NYC licensed massage therapist, Pilates and gyrotonic instructor, dancer, actress and singer.
This journey changed my outlook on myself, my life and my food. I’m a girl who likes me some inn-n-out. I eat to my cravings. I eat salty then want sweet. Its a vicious cycle. I was a slave to my cravings and paid for it with mood and energy swings. I learned so much from Erika Elizondo about my habits and what causes them, the food industry and why its so important to eat organic and non-gmo. She provides the knowledge and tools to help you make the change. She teaches you how to read labels and what they really mean, how to gradually change the way you eat to the better and how to have fun doing it. It becomes an art. I love her 80/20 philosophy. If you eat clean for 80% you can have a little wiggle room for parties and eating out which helps you stick to it. It also allows you to feel the effects of the bad stuff. My eating habits are forever changed for the better. I now have the knowledge and tools to keep it going and I intend to. I also intend to do the 40 day cleanse once a year and share it with as many people as I can. Thank you Erika I love you and what you do!!! <3
— Kailani Bayot
I would recommend this “Healing Journey” to everyone. It isn’t a diet. It isn’t a detox. It is purely a healing journey!!!”
— Vicky Story
This cleanse has taken my mind and body to a whole different level of wellness. I have been searching for the perfect cleanse that was effective but wasn’t one where I feel like I can’t sustain. I thought this was long enough and the transitioning phases were more at ease than ones where they make you fast. Being in a group setting also helps as we all share our experiences and Erika was super accommodating to our questions and needs. I had long term chronic conditions that I had to address which were eczema and psoriasis and I have seen significant improvements, many of the patches and flare ups disappearing. And I didn’t do this cleanse to lose weight but surprisingly, I lost 17 lbs of whatever my body was trying to hold onto. I will be doing this cleanse several times a year to keep my body performing at its optimum level.
— Alfie Numeric
I’ve always considered myself somewhat healthy but after doing this cleanse, realized that I could finely tune in to my bad habits and feel even better. I don’t recall ever feeling such clarity in my life. I cannot help but listen to my body’s messages and to ignore them would be abusing my body like I used to. It’s an emotional upliftment as well a physical one. I am grateful that I have a chance again to revere my temple within. Con mucho amor, Erikita!!
— Elaine Olea
Before the cleanse, I was in a pretty bad place: over-worked in every aspect (e.g. home, professionally, spiritually etc...). I had mommy guilt to the roof that hampered my ability to take care of myself. Entering the journey, it seemed impossible to meet all of the demands on my life. Since then, I cook for myself and my family more often. I have learned to say “No” to demands that do not serve me and that get in the way of being the best me (always a work in progress). I’ve learned that the more I give to myself the more I can give to others. In other words, I learned that the good stuff (e.g. kindness, love, forgiveness, self-care...), the good stuff is bountiful and that the more we practice it within ourselves the more we can share with the world.
I’ve heard many of these thing before, in readings, in inspirational talks, in my own meditations, however I have not lived it... Erika, thank you for giving me the opportunity to live these good words and to let them transform my life. I owe you, BIG TIME! And now, I want to make sure I don’t lose sight of what I have lived and that I continue to make sure I live these things out consistently in the many aspects of life...”
— Karla PM
I feel clean and alert and much healthier after going through the cleanse - as well as increasing my knowledge and awareness about food and its sources. Thank you for your openness and sharing in everything Erika!
— Susan Millett
Love this cleanse!!! Changed my life! I will never eat nor shop the same again. If you’re looking for a new healthy lifestyle change this is the way to start!”
— Monica Garcia
This cleanse has changed my life! I was a super sugar addict but such a “health” conscious person at the same time. Also, not having my health reflected in my body (thin and lean body), this cleanse helped me see that I need to be even more diligent and careful to not ingest or buy certain products for my health and the health of my family.
It made me feel strong, powerful, more emotionally stable, clean, more clear and happy. I will never go back to my old ways, getting off sugar has felt like becoming sober for the first time.”
— Razi Wilson
The cleanse proved to be a blessing at a very opportune time in my life. I am about to take a big step in my life, but existing patterns that were detrimental to my life were going unnoticed. And this was affecting my decision making. The cleanse brought a new clarity into my life. The biggest change was brought about by the cutting of sugar from my diet. My brain was running at the speed of light. There was a heightened awareness of the people and events around and me and of my body itself. Ever since I came to the U.S., I could never really understand what the food did to me. I came from a culture of basically no processed foods to that of abundance of the wrong dietary habits. This cleanse felt like a well meaning friend. And I thank you Erika with all my heart for helping me gain control and perspective over my health and wellbeing. I feel like a better person to myself and my loved ones.”
— Jayee Borcar
I was in need of making changes in my diet. I didn’t cook and had an a gallon of milk in the refrigerator with nothing else. As long as I had Milk to drink with my meals I was good to go. For awhile I was on the cheap fast food diet. Eating at McDonalds, Carl’s Jr, Taco Bell and a few local Japanese, Hawaiian and Mexican places in a basic rotation. Stopped going to McDonalds, Carl’s Jr, and Taco Bell. Got tired for the food pattern I created and need to change. Because my friend was on a restricted diet because of health issues I chose to go out to a different place to eat and see what happens. The first didn’t make an impact. The second time was better. I eat Vegan breakfast and had a few sips of a green drink with Ginger. After a few minutes I could feel my intestines shrinking and getting tighter and not bloating. Looking to change my diet my friend suggested doing the Cleanse. Hearing about the potion and not eating meat turned me off to it. After some time hanging out with my friend and eating at different places I decided to do the cleanse and see what happens. Because of the information and guidance of the cleanse my diet is forever changed for the better. I believe there are no such things as coincidences. Things happen for a reason and at a time when they are might best for you. I’m forever grateful for the knowledge and guidance of the cleanse. It is well organized and not difficult to follow. I look forward to participating once a year to detox my body. For myself I can not afford to lean out so much more than once a year. At one point of the cleanse my body fat % as at 5-6%. I’m now carrying about 7-8% body fat. I feel stronger and my mind is more clear. The Cleanse is an Individual Journey. I hope you accept to take this Journey to better Health and Wellness.
— Eric Babaoka, Master Holistic Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist
What a blessing you are! This cleanse has really changed my life! Seriously! In so many ways! Thank u! I feel like now I have a clearer picture of what I want to do with my life. I’ve been searching for something… a way to give back. …I guess what im trying to say is that for a while I’ve been living in a dream state. Dreaming that life should be better but the answer of how was never revealed until this cleanse woke me up. It’s like someone finally threw a cold bucket of water on me and I’m now wide-awake.”
— C.C.
Erika’s cleanse changed my life and all for the better. I subsisted on Lean Cuisine and Coke Zero—even for breakfast!!!! Her caring nature drew me in and her daily missives kept me going—chock-a-block-full—of information and resources that even a 10 year old would understand and enjoy. She is a gem and I will be forever grateful to her for this journey and the rest of my life. I look forward to joining her again every year if she will have me.”
— J. Krone, NYC
What an empowering journey to be enlightened with knowledge about what we eat, how we eat it and how it affects us. I am not the same person I was prior to the cleanse, and I never will be because I like who i am now and the new lens I have to view the world. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, love for food, love for spirituality, love for others and love for this earth...all of this truly permeated the phases of the cleanse.
— Esther L.
When I began this journey, I considered myself pretty knowledgeable and good at eating well and making sound choices. What I learned on the journey really deepened my understanding of how important it is to make changes necessary not only to mine and my family’s well being but to the planet as a whole. My commitment is so much stronger now and it’s thanks to the way Erika presents the information and guides you through the process as well as the way she loves everyone through the process. You feel like you can really do it. I feel much better in my body and far better about the choices I’m making. I’ve gotten back to my love of cooking and I feel solidified in a better way of life!”
— Khatija Dadabhoy
Erika’s cleanse changed my life. Not only did it cleanse my body on a deeper level than I can explain, and taught me SO much about what real foods look like and how they serve us, but it made me so damn proud of myself. To be a sugar and coffee addict and commit to myself and my health in such a profound way—to have NEITHER—for 40 DAYS!—felt extreme but liberating. I didn’t use any of my usual crutches to get through the tough times—alcohol, sugar, carbs, coffee. And when I finished that 40 days not only did I feel like a million bucks, I was more proud of myself than I’ve ever been. A year later I don’t look at food, or myself, the same. I’m getting all my friends, family, and followers to join this year! The community is also what makes it do-able—the sharing, the recipes, the laughs, the complaints. Do it—It will set you FREE.”
— Melinda Alexander
I did this Cleanse with Erika 5 years ago and I really feel that it changed my eating habits for the good. I always felt like I ate heathy until I learned about how to read labels and understand what exactly was in the food I was eating. Before I did the Cleanse 5 years ago, I loved my coffee with the flavored creamers! If I couldn’t have the flavored creamer then I didn’t want my coffee! After learning how bad that those flavored creamers are for me I have not touched them since! I now have my coffee with organic half and half, honey, and cinnamon and now if I can’t have that I just won’t have my coffee, ha! I wanted to do the Cleanse again this time around because I felt that I wanted to refresh my memory on all the things that I had learned from the first cleanse plus I felt that my body needed to be cleansed.......I had broken out on my hand and leg with eczema. I have never in my life before had eczema and it was really bad. My hand was so dry and it hurt so bad and itched like crazy. I went to the doctor and all they gave me was cortisone cream which didn’t help. So I was lucky enough to be able to do this Cleanse for the second time and I really feel that it helped heal my Eczema. I have my skin back and my body feels clean and healthy. Thank You Erika for sharing your knowledge of food and healing with me!!”
— P. Riddle
I’m a first time liver cleanser and loving it. My friend invited me to the liver cleanse. :) Gracias, gracias, gracias I am so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from you. I can’t thank you enough!!! Thank you for your guidance these past forty days. I am grateful for teaching me so much since Day 1. I printed each guidance since Day 1 and carry it with me to work everyday…any free time I get I read through it, highlight and make notes. It has helped tremendously.”
— V.R.
Estos 40 dias de limpieza aunque una pensaría que son relacionadas a la alimentación y nutrición, tienen un gran impacto en nuestra mente y espíritu. A través de la comida mi cuerpo se ha sentido limpio y tranquilo. La evacuación y limpieza del intestino cada mañana es de mucha importancia, para mantener la mente y el cuerpo sanos.

Mil gracias Erikita por su dedicación mostrándonos otros modelos de vida a través de una alimentación balanceada y orgánica!
— Rossana Perez
I wanted to say thank you for an amazing, life changing 40 days. I feel better, look better( I lost 18 pounds) and most importantly am transformed mentally…In the last 40 days: my skin is clearer, my eyes look brighter (according to a friend,) I already mentioned the weight loss, not a single headache (minus the first 4 days, from coming off the sugar), IBS gone, GERD gone. The best thing, I have to take tamoxifen (it kicks you into early menopause) for 5 years for the estrogen positive breast cancer. One of the awful side effects is hot flashes. My side effects form the tamoxifen, including the hot flashes were almost nonexistent!!!! Thank you so much for your wisdom, encouragement, and love of humanity. These 40 days are truly monumental. They not only help transform your body and health, but transform your soul.”
— K.H.
This cleanse changed my life! It’s great information to have and great to be connected to other like-minded individuals and community that care about taking care of themselves and their bodies. People who take care of themselves body mind and soul always tend to be the best people and friends.”
— Ashley Dy
“My initial interest in cleansing my liver began with my curiosity on the Mexica philosophy/science/stories of heart, liver, and mind. As a Xicana scholar activist, my motivation to healing comes from a political stance to decolonizing the bodies of my ancestors, our lands, our precious foods and our collective dignity. In my continued search, I found that cleaning my elli—liver in Nahuatl—contributes to healing my mind of negative thought patterns, elevates my consciousness, and disciplines my will. I started my first liver cleanse with Erika in March of 2013. Since then I have done the liver cleanse about six times with friends and family. Overall, my food choices are more conscious and my body feels healthier than ever! We are truly moving towards a healing world. :) Thank you, Erika!”

— Cueponcaxochitl
This was a wonderful experience.I learned so much about what our food supply is doing to our health. I had no idea how pervasive GMO is in our food supply. The support from the group was amazing. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging. The environment is loving and non-judge mental. Erika is a wonderful guide. The best thing about this cleanse is it is real world. It doesn’t ask the participants to be perfect just better. This is a lifestyle change that will change your life. And it is doable.”
— Silvia Blocker
I wasn’t sure what to expect. Maybe losing some weight? But this was so much more, I learned so much! Things that I thought were good like skim milk and Splenda turned out not to be. My cooking has improved by making healthy items as well as being more selective when eating out. I feel great, look great and will gladly do this again. Thank you Erika.”
— Sylvia Riera