“The 40 Day Healing Journey”


Moderated By: Erika Elizondo, H.H.C.



Are you ready for a real, fundamental shift in the way you show up for your life? Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the contradicting information on what diet principles you should follow? Are you concerned about the impacts of your lifestyle choices on yourself and on the planet, but don't know where to begin? Then this journey is for you! Join me, certified Holistic Health Coach and IIN graduate, Erika Elizondo for the original, annual 40 Day Healing Journey which will enter it's tenth cycle (dates TBD). Experience what hundreds of past participants are talking about: radical healing, a crash course education and thorough understanding of optimal nutrition, and renewed energy and vigor all within the context of a supportive online community. Get to know the magic of who you are and give your body and soul what it's been craving! This group cleanse focuses on detoxing the liver and the entire body of nutritional, environmental, and emotional poisons, consequently renewing your health and empowering you with knowledge and habits to last a lifetime!


During these 40 days together you will learn:


  • the importance of sustaining a healthy liver. Being the largest internal organ and second in complexity only to the brain, the liver has over 500 known functions and works harder than any other organ in your body. It deserves your loving energy and a break! ;) 
  • how to read labels
  • how to choose hair and body care products and what toxins/chemicals to look out for.
  • how to spot genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and why it is fundamental to avoid them. 
  • what foods nourish the liver 
  • organic vs conventional foods and knowing when you MUST choose organic and when you can choose conventional if organic is not an option.
  • herbs that rebuild and strengthen the liver
  • how to eliminate parasites and other dangerous pathogens through herbs and nutrition
  • nutrient and flavor dense meal suggestions to keep you happy and satisfied throughout the Cleanse and beyond! 
  • easy and delicious recipes from me as well as from the collective community partaking in this journey
  • what oils to use for cooking and which ones to steer clear of 
  • how to avoid refined sugar in all of its disguises
  • resources for consuming the highest quality foods on a budget 
  • ...and so much more!!

The cleanse is divided into three parts and all throughout the 40 days we will exclude alcohol, refined sugar and refined flour from our diet.  If you are a coffee drinker, you will be able to wean off of it slowly. And by Day 11, it will be taken away!  But there will be many healing and delicious alternatives.  Don’t you worry.  Here is the basic structure:


   Days 1 through 10 are dedicated to an elimination diet.  You will refrain from consuming refined sugar, refined flour, and alcohol.  You will continue to steer clear of these three monsters for the entire 40 days, but you will be able to consume everything else you wish these first ten days - including coffee, meat and cheese.  Some of what you will learn during these first ten days includes liver function and how these three culprits can be detrimental to liver health as well as ways to avoid them.  You will also receive a suggested meal plan along with healthy alternatives and tips on how to curb sugar cravings.


   Days 11 through 25 will be a parasite assassination mission. :)  You will learn about some of the effects of parasites in the body as well as foods that support parasite elimination and liver detoxification.  You will also drink an Anti-Parasite potion using healing ingredients that are probably already in your pantry.  These ingredients and a few suggested supplements will be part of the shopping list you will receive the weekend before we begin. These fifteen days are mostly vegetarian.


   Days 26 through 40 will be the continual implementation of what we are learning together: recipes, lifestyle ideas, resources, and so much more! This will probably be your favorite part of our journey together. :)


Relax into this process and trust that I will guide you every step of the way.  I will give you tools to use for the rest of your life.  Tools to empower your choice making and promote your optimal health and longevity.  Remember, your health is your wealth!!!  And don't fear not having the "discipline" or "willpower" to follow through.  Discipline is a byproduct of commitment.  And commitment is all you need to succeed.  


If you have any further questions, feel free to email me at: erika@ahealingworld.com


Looking forward to facilitating yet another powerful and amazing group!